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Bähr, Florian

Dipl. SportwissenschaftlerBähr, Florian

Tel.: +49 3641 945673
Fax: +49 3641 945652
Büro: Raum 111
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The main area of my research focuses on motor learning by means of action observation. In this regard, I will specifically examine the impact of an observational training of goal-directed actions on functional restructuring of neuronal representations in motor associated areas. Moreover, I will scrutinize the function of the effector with respect to action specific conceptualization and its somatotopic encoding. The knowledge emerging from this research is of vital importance in sport science as well as in the field of stroke rehabilitation.

"How hand and feet learn from each other: ELBO - Effector independent learning by action observation."
A multidisciplinary research project in cooperation with the neurological rehabilitation section of the Department of Neurology (University Clinic Jena) and the neurologic section of the Moritz-Clinic (Bad Klosterlausnitz). Project management: Prof. Dr. med. Farsin Hamzei | Dr. Christian Puta.